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    Library furniture

    Multiscaffale, mobile shelving system
    An original solution for a shelving system which moves on a simple track system. Mobility allows to save 50% of the space required for conventional systems. Very easy access to all shelves.
    Library shelving units
    Solid and well-organised metal units, with individually adjustable shelves, to accommodate books of various sizes. The units can be lined side by side, to form a fixed or mobile system. Suitable for all types of libraries.



    Cantilever shelving units and bookends in oven-painted steel
    These shelving units are available with one-sided or two-sided access.
    Two-sided access: 100 x 70 x 220 cm.
    One-sided access: 100 x 38 x 220 cm.
    Bookends in various sizes: h 15 cm. ; h 20 cm. ; h 24 cm.


    Library card-filing cabinets, with drawers designed to contain international size cards. The modular cabinets may be equipped with the required number of drawers and combined together to fit your card-filing requirements. The drawers slide on guides and are equipped with movable follow blocks and card holder.
    Drawer useful depth 45 cm.



    Biblioriviste, an original idea to display magazines and journals in the upper part and store back issues in the lower part.
    Width 120 and 180 cm.
    Biblioriviste M - 200

    Display unit for latest arrivals of books, magazines and journals.
    Sizes: width 100 cm, depth 32 cm, height 200 cm.



    Library cabinets
    Cabinet with glass sliding-doors Mod. 4235
    Heigth 200 cm. x depth 45 cm. x width 180 cm. Available in widths 120 and 150 cm.
    Particularly suitable to display thick books.
    Cabinet with mesh sliding-doors Mod. 4237
    Heigth 200 cm. x depth 45 cm. x width 180 cm. Available in widths 120 and 150 cm.
    Designed to accommodate valuable books, which need high ventilation.


    Reading tables
    Triangular-shaped metal legs coated in black RAL 9005 or pale grey RAL 7035.
    Top in anti-scratch bilaminate, with curved edges.
    130 cm. x 80 x 73 h.
    160 cm. x 80 x 73 h.
    180 cm. x 80 x 73 h.